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Mike Branch Series

We have had the pleasure of working with Mike Branch and his Flying B Horsemanship program for the past few years. Mike Branch has traveled extensively with the Bureau of Land Management, where he selects wild mustangs from the herds brought in for adoption and demonstrates the gentling process. Many times Mike has had wild mustangs saddled and on their backs in only one to two hours. Some of Mike's accomplishments include:
  • Nominated for Bureau of Land Management’s volunteer of the year in 2008, and 2009
  • Represented the Bureau of Land Management with two wild mustangs at the "Great Southern Stampede", Hattiesburg, MS last August 2008
  • Established Wild Mustang School, in Tennessee where students are able to learn how to gentle a wild mustang and assist in colt starts. 
  • Certified Trainer for Mustang Heritage Foundation
  • Founding Member of the American Association of Natural Horsemen
  • Runner up in "Round Up" in Brandon MB, with Mel Hyland and Bruce Logan April 2008
  • Represented for the "Friends of the Dartmoor Hill Pony" at Devon County Show in Exeter, England
  • Received formal introduction to members of the Royal Family in England
Here at R. W. Bowman Saddle Co., LLC  we have produced a fine series of saddles designed to meet Mike's specifications. You will be impressed with these work saddles made with time honored methods to produce a lasting masterpiece that will last a lifetime  with reasonable care. Take a look at the saddles:

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