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Most of our communication is with our dealers. However, there are times when the ultimate consumer or end user of our saddles will contact us. We do enjoy hearing from those of you who are using our saddles. Below is a few testimonials we have received via email.

Sherry Motes
I wanted to share a story with you. I have had horses all my life and saddles are my passion. I went to see Mike at South Point Saddles in Suffolk, Va.  I was hell bent on two styles of ***** * and two ******* but I saw your saddle when I walked in the door and fell absolutely in love!!! I am a huge fan of simplicity; not much tooling etc.... We took it out to my three year old Rocky Mountain Horse and it fit like a glove, I don't know how much you know but that breed can be a bear to fit your round skirted trail saddle was the ticket. I love the bike seat, I love everything about it. It was a real plus when Mike took over an hour to show us the details in your saddle versus others and the quality just shines through. You have produced an awesome product and I wanted you to know about what a great dealer Mike is for you, there are very few to none that will take the time to truly fit your horse/saddle. You have a customer for life in me and ask my husband I have never met a horse I didnt want to buy. I have two yearlings and will soon need more saddles you will certainly be my first choice. Keep up the great work and rest assured I will be a great ambassador for your product as  I am always riding and attend most trail rides in my neck of the woods. Tell all your employees, "Excellent work!" Some people still recognize quality when they see it and will continue to buy a quality product. THANKS!
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