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Working Class TM Roper
Stock No. :
No. 2214 14" Seat
No. 2215 15" Seat
No. 2216 16" Seat
Suggested Retail Price: $2800.00
Working Class TM Roper

TM Roper, Fiberglass Covered. Manufactured by Batie’s Custom Saddle Tree, Inc. The ground work is hand shaped using skirting leather over a 20 gauge saddle strainer (tin seat).
Seat Size: Available in 14", 15, and 16" (half sizes available on special order).
Bars: Full Quarter Horse Arizona Bars
Weight: Approximately 50 lbs.
Gullet Width: 6
Gullet Height: 7 ½"
Swell: TM with leg cut; Width 12
Skirts: Length 27"; Width 13 ½",
lined with faux shearling, 90% wool.
Cantle: Height 3 ½"  Width  12”; Dish 1 ¼”; Style 1 ¾” Cheyenne Roll, Hand Sewn.
Horn: Height 3 ½”, Diameter 2
½", leather covered, hand sewn.
Stirrup Leathers: 3" with leather covered Blevins Buckles
Stirrups: Leather covered wooden deep roper stirrups with hand laced leather treads.
Rigging: Double dee rigging in 7/8’s position. Hardware is Stainless Steel.
Flank Cincha: 6" tapering to 4" to 1 ¾"; burgundy latigo lined with deluxe stainless steel roller buckles.
Leather: 15-17 oz. Golden Skirting.
Trim:  Antique finish Texas Star conchos. All Hardware including the saddle screws and washers is stainless steel.  We use the Union Lockstitch to sew and pull the 277 white nylon thread tight at 5 1/2 stitches to the inch.
Finish: Each Working Class TM Roper first receives a warm coat of 100% pure neatsfoot oil followed by a generous coat of Aussie Leather Conditioner. Edges are burnished by hand rubbing and died dark brown.
Tooling: 5/8" Horseshoe Brand geometric block with seed and Running W Border.

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