About Us


The R. W. Bowman Saddle  Co., LLC is a relatively new company, yet we are a company of some  experience in the saddlery industry. I entered the industry in 1980 at  the age of 19 working for A. J. "Jack" Hughes at American Saddlery, Inc.  filling many roles including: Shipping and Receiving Supervisor, Sales  Manager. I also worked at many positions in the manufacturing process  throughout my tenure as needed. This is where I developed a passion for  saddle making. After 28 years at American the time came for us to begin a  new venture. We started this company in August of 2008.

Each saddle maker at R. W. Bowman Saddle Co., LLC  has no less than 25  years experience at the bench. We are able to bring all this experience  together to produce top-of-the-line American made saddlery products that  will serve any western rider at any level or discipline.


We are primarily a  wholesale saddle company. I have spent most of the past 3 decades  serving many of the great western stores, saddle shops, farm stores and  mail order businesses here in the U.S.A., as well as working with a  number abroad. 

We also have the ability to produce custom work made to meet your  specific requests and needs. We avail our custom saddle, strap, and chap  making to all of our dealers. If you don't see what you want on the  floor at your retailer, more likely than not, we can make it for you.

We are also a private label maker. A large part of our business is  manufacturing product for other saddle companies. What? You want to know  some of the companies we build for? I would be glad to share that  information with you but if I did it really wouldn't be private would  it? Perhaps you have a need for some private label work. Contact us. It  will be kept private.

Whether you are a retail customer, retail shop, or manufacturer we want to be of service to you.

Thanks for your consideration,

R. W. Bowman