Silver Reiner

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Tree: DL  Reiner, rawhide covered and rawhide laced. Manufactured by Steele Saddle  Tree, LLC. The ground work is hand shaped using skirting leather over a  20 gauge saddle strainer (tin seat). We shape this leather to sit you  comfortably in the saddle eliminating the need for all the fancy-named  thick padding that many are using today to cover poor ground work.
Seat Size: Available in 15.5", 16",16.5" and 17".
Bars: Full Quarter Horse Bars
Weight: Approximately 38 lbs.
Gullet Width: 6 ¾"
Gullet Height: 7 ½"
Swell: Reiner; Width 13"
Skirts: Length 27"; Width 14", lined with genuine bark tan  1" thick wool shearlings, 1" density.
Cantle: Height 3"  Width  12½"; Dish 1 ¼"; Style 2½" Cheyenne Roll, Hand Sewn.
Horn: Height 2 ¼", Diameter 2", leather covered, hand sewn.
Stirrup Leathers: 2½" with leather covered Blevins Buckles
Stirrups: Wooden metal bound leather covered, machine sewn bell stirrups with 3" treads.
Rigging: Horse Shoe Brand In-skirt rigging ring, 7/8’s position,  Walsall’s #19 2 3/4" dees with silver engraving in rear. Hardware is  Stainless Steel.
Leather: 13-15 oz. Golden, Mahogany , Walnut or Chestnut Skirting.
Trim: Silver Conchos, Tips, Swell Plates,Corner Plates, Rear  Rigging Dees and Nickle Dots on black background. All Hardware including  the saddle screws and washers is stainless steel.  We use the Union  Lockstitch to sew and pull the 277 white nylon thread tight at 5 1/2  stitches to the inch.
Finish: Each Reiner first receives a warm coat of 100% pure  neatsfoot oil followed by a generous coat of Aussie Leather Conditioner.  Edges are burnished by hand rubbing.
Tooling: Horse Shoe Brand Navaho Diamond.

Sizes and Pricing

Stock No. :
No. 65155 15.5" Seat
No. 6516 16" Seat
No. 65165 16.5" Seat
No. 6517 17" Seat
Suggested Retail Price: $4090.00